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Author(s): Irena Jahutka | Ante Mišura

Journal: Ribarstvo : Croatian Journal of Fisheries
ISSN 1330-061X

Volume: 62;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 143;
Date: 2004;
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Keywords: freshwater fisheries | marine fisheries | import and export | financial subventions

This work deals with the analysis and sublimation of all the relevant informations regarding fisheries in Republic of Croatia. This means that there were processed data about freshwater fisheries (farming of freshwater fish and other aquatic organisms, commercial and sports fisheries), marine fisheries (mariculture, commercial fisheries, small–scale fisheries and processing of fish products), import and export of fish and fish products as well as the financial subventions regarding fisheries. The farming of freshwater fish in 2003 is marked by the decrease of production comparing to the past 5 years. Carp is furthermore the most dominant fish species in freshwater fish farming, but it’s percentage is decreasing, and the percentage of the trout is increasing over the years. In addition to the decrease of production, the areas of production are decreasing as well, and now they are the smallest in the past decade — 6,281.97 ha. In 2003 the amount of used food is also decreased, but the amount of used fertilizers and lime is increased, that means it is the biggest in the past decade. This is caused by the bad climate conditions during the summer. Marine fisheries farming (mariculture) in 2003 is in a slightly better position then the freshwater fish farming. The production of white fish species, which was reached before few years, is not changing — 2,510 tons, also the farming of oysters is stagnating, but in the past few years the farming of mussels and tuna fish is increasing. The total marine fish catch is 29,102 tons and it is performed over 34,000 km2, comparing to the 2002 it is increased by almost 49.24%. Additional to the increase of the total catch the number of commercial fishermen and fishing vessels is also increased. The number of fisherman which fish for their own consumption without the right to sell fish, that means the small–scale fishermen in 2003 is 13,500. The production of fish and fish products in 2003 is 19,000 tons, and the 62 % of it is canned fish. The import and export of fish and fish products is increasing over the last decade. The value of export is constantly overcoming the value of import, although the balance of export and import in amount is much bigger in the case of import. As one of the support measures, financial state subventions are paid according to the produced and sold amount, and in 2003 the state subventions were 68,266,489.79 kunas, which is 4.86 % more comparing to the 2002.
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