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Cross European Financial Networks Related to Turkish Immigrants and their Businesses: The Case of Turkish-Owned Commercial Bank Under Dutch Legislation

Author(s): Shahamak Rezaei

Journal: American Journal of Economics and Business Administration
ISSN 1945-5488

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 253;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Globalization | bounded ethnic solidarity | ethnic entrepreneurship | ethnic enclave economy | ethnic business break-out | weak ties and strong ties

Problem statement: Understanding the character and strategies of ethnic economy and ethnic enclave economy this study concluded, that it is necessary to look beyond and within the demarcation of national background and even ethnic boundaries in a broader sense according to which these phenomena mistakenly had been attempted to be explained. The engine of ethnic enclave economy cannot be upheld without a core, entrance into which requires both more than common national and ethnic background. The challenge for this economy is how to dissolve from strong ties to more loose organization based on rationally structured mode of organization. However, the case presented here DHB Bank (Nederland) N.V. illustrates a successful international financial provider in the globalization era with specialization in financial trade with a limited group of co-ethnic agents who stick together in order to remain in control of this world-wide multi billion financial service provided by the bank. DHB Bank (Nederland) N.V was established in Rotterdam in 1992 as a Turkish-owned commercial bank under Dutch law. Conclusion/Recommendations: Trade finance, particularly for Turkish corporations and their Western European business partners, was a major focus of our business from the start. However, began the bank quickly to expand the consumer banking services offered and opened the first, centrally located branch offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague in 1995. In 1997, the bank began establishing an international presence by expanding into Germany: where now having a network of offices in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich. DHB Bank (Nederland) N.V. entered the Belgian market in 1999 and currently has branches in Brussels and Antwerp. Today (2010), the bank provides a full range of both trade finance and consumer banking services and products in all these cities, including internet banking, which was launched in 2001. All branch offices work closely and directly with the corporate liaison office in Istanbul, Turkey.
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