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O Cuidado em Saúde: o Paradigma Biopsicossocial e a Subjetividade em Foco

Author(s): Thaís Thomé Seni Oliveira Pereira | Monalisa Nascimento dos Santos Barros | Maria Cecília Nobrega de Almeida Augusto

Journal: Mental
ISSN 1679-4427

Volume: 9;
Issue: 17;
Start page: 523;
Date: 2011;
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This article offers some reflections on health care nowadays, specifically about the paradigm of care resulting from the Brazilian health reform, named social production of health or biopsychosocial paradigm, which seeks to overcome the curative or biomedical paradigm, to be reflected in changes about the concept of health, the understanding of the health-disease process, in Brazilian public health system organization and in health professionals practices. The article intends to establish a dialogue between the health field with the theoretical and conceptual production of Fernando González Rey on the subjectivity from the perspective of historical-cultural psychology, which contributes to the effectiveness of the biopsychosocial paradigm, through changes in training and professional practices in health.
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