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Current about comet and micronuclei assays in vitro.

Author(s): Daniel Francisco Arencibia Arrebola | Luis Alfredo Rosario Fernández

Journal: RETEL : Revista de Toxicología en Línea
ISSN 1668-091X

Volume: 20;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Genotoxicity | comet assay | micronuclei assays | in vitro | current.

The research related with the genotoxicity topic acquire every day bigger importance at world level, due to the growing deterioration of the environment that is exposed the modern man. Three fundamental reasons exist that justify the concern for the exhibition from the man to the mutagenics agents. First, the increment in the degree of germinal cells mutation (ova, sperms and their precursors) that which can cause the increase of the genetic illnesses incidence in the future generations. Second, the narrow relationship existence among the uncertainty of somatic cells genomic with cancer and chronic degenerative illnesses. Third, the environmental origin of the cancer. It bears to the use of short term assays and they inform in little time about the mutagenic activity of this substances, in some cases they offer enough information to establish the levels of security for the man. These genotoxicity assays used a great number of biological systems inside which are: virus, bacterial, fungus, eukaryote cells cultivations, plants, insects and mammals. For that which we trace ourselves as objective of this work to give a current version on the in vitro toxicity assays and inside this branch to deepen on the use of the comet and micronucleis assays.
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