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Author(s): Marius Cătălin BARBU

Journal: Pro Ligno
ISSN 1841-4737

Volume: 7;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 111;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: forest figures | wood markets | wood based panel developments

The forecasts for the next decades point outnew centers of economic development far away fromcurrent ones, which will confirm the changed balanceof today’s situation. The unprecedenteddemographic growth in Asia and the aging of theEuropean and North American population will alsoresult in the occurrence of controversial scenarios forthe whole region in terms of economic evolution.China became the world leader also for woodproducts and furniture manufacturing, respectively inraw material import. Wood markets and tradeworldwide are changing rapidly because of thebooming production capacities of the last decades,dramatic reduction of North American consumption,the new energy policy based on wood biomass, theincreased demand of wood as raw materialsespecially in Asia and Central Europe and, ofcourse, the continuing current economic crisis. Thenew development related to energy production fromwood biomass hardly starts to compete with the rawmaterial market for European and soon the NorthAmerican wood based panel producers. Highproductivity may be obtained by means of new woodworking technologies with low raw material input andreduced power consumption. The new requirementsfor low emission panel products increased thecompetition between the European producers. Alsothe top 10 of the world and European wood basedpanels producers start to close their aging capacityand reduce production figures. The last of whichconsists of more than half of the panel productioncapacity and control a fifth of world production. Alsothe environmental issues continue to differ from onecountry to another and even within different regionsin the same country and involve different levels ofinvestment and production costs having animmediate impact on market competitiveness.
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