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Dare to Compare: The Comparative Philosophy of Mou Zongsan

Author(s): Xiaofei Tu

Journal: Kritike : An Online Journal of Philosophy
ISSN 1908-7330

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: New Confucianism | Mou Zongsan | Immanuel Kant

New Confucianism is comparative philosophy par excellence. It stands or falls with the validity of the comparisons its thinkers have made regarding Western and Asian religious and philosophical systems and conceptions. Yet comparative philosophy and comparative religion in and beyond Asia have recently received criticisms. Questions that have been raised include: is it not a fallacy to take Asian philosophy and religion out of their historical and social contexts and to present them as unchanging entities? Are the across-space-and-time comparisons between Asian and Western philosophy and religion far-fetched and forced?To answer these questions, this paper presents a case study of comparative philosophy: Mou Zongsan's post-Kantian Confucian metaphysics. After showcasing Mou, in the second part of this paper I shall consider the validity of comparative philosophy in general and the implications to my appraisal of Mou in particular.

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