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Decomposing PPI networks for complex discovery

Author(s): Liu Guimei | Yong Chern Han | Chua Hon Nian | Wong Limsoon

Journal: Proteome Science
ISSN 1477-5956

Volume: 9;
Issue: Suppl 1;
Start page: S15;
Date: 2011;
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Abstract Background Protein complexes are important for understanding principles of cellular organization and functions. With the availability of large amounts of high-throughput protein-protein interactions (PPI), many algorithms have been proposed to discover protein complexes from PPI networks. However, existing algorithms generally do not take into consideration the fact that not all the interactions in a PPI network take place at the same time. As a result, predicted complexes often contain many spuriously included proteins, precluding them from matching true complexes. Results We propose two methods to tackle this problem: (1) The localization GO term decomposition method: We utilize cellular component Gene Ontology (GO) terms to decompose PPI networks into several smaller networks such that the proteins in each decomposed network are annotated with the same cellular component GO term. (2) The hub removal method: This method is based on the observation that hub proteins are more likely to fuse clusters that correspond to different complexes. To avoid this, we remove hub proteins from PPI networks, and then apply a complex discovery algorithm on the remaining PPI network. The removed hub proteins are added back to the generated clusters afterwards. We tested the two methods on the yeast PPI network downloaded from BioGRID. Our results show that these methods can improve the performance of several complex discovery algorithms significantly. Further improvement in performance is achieved when we apply them in tandem. Conclusions The performance of complex discovery algorithms is hindered by the fact that not all the interactions in a PPI network take place at the same time. We tackle this problem by using localization GO terms or hubs to decompose a PPI network before complex discovery, which achieves considerable improvement.

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