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Denizli ve Çevresinde Madencilik (1890-1919)

Author(s): Yusuf Ziya BİLDİRİCİ

Journal: Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi
ISSN 1302-1796

Issue: 21;
Start page: 99;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Denizli | Ahî Sinan | Ernest Abbott | Mines | Joh D. Paterson.

Western, in the 15th century, started with the Renaissance to explore new geography and civilization, with time, it wouldbegin to be dominant to obtain cheaper sources of spices and precious metals. Have the advantage of firearms; the western statesbegin to race to obtain the wealth of undeveloped countries to colonize.The large companies established to obtain new colonies such as Indian and Levant in the UK, France and Indian in Canada,Western and Eastern in the Netherlands. Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Russia participated in competition of thecountries, obtaining resources on the colonies larger than own acreage. The remaining undeveloped society people, whose life andorder were destroyed, changed beliefs, abundant resources exploited in their homeland are usually the slaves of the new master.Due to many new easy achievements in Europe the idea of the white race was superior to other races developed.From the 19th century, the competition between the colonial states starts because of some reasons such as to provide anational reputation, to prove own power, especially to obtain raw materials and markets two main sources with IndustrialRevolution. After The United States participated in, Africa and the Pacific enter the control of colonial.Britain, France and Germany invest in mines, railways, marines in various countries. The Ottoman State troubled with Russiaand Western big states' missionary and military work to encourage the non-Muslim people for rebellion provide commercialprivileges to Western States for the sake of protecting the large geography dominating.While Ottoman Empire hopes to gain the new commercial treaty and friendship of England, France and the United Statesagainst especially Russia's starting to threaten from Caucasus to the Balkans and Eastern Anatolia, and France's initiative in NorthAfrica, by allowing Germany, emerged as a new military and economic power, to invest in land try to balance policy.The endowed economic privileges in order to provide friendship of powerful states and the trade agreement, makes theOttoman finances which already in a not good situation because of the war with Russia worse. The foreign merchants coming to Anatolia with the advantage of the 1838 Ottoman-British Trade Agreement, earn much money by manipulating the virgin landmines and export.Foreign merchants use large port cities such as Izmır to export the mine ore. The foreign merchants taking privilege onuntouched ore bed of Western Anatolia changed the financial balance in non-Muslim's favour.Denizli, a sanjak of Aydın province, attract foreigners’ attentions who take permit to work on grindstone, chromium, coppermines towards the end of the century. The local entrepreneurs coming outside to Denizli who see the rich resources has beenoperated by foreigners take permits for the mining ores were forced to sell it to buyer foreigners.Ernest Abbott, the British trader settled in Izmir with families is in good relations with the British Consulate in Istanbul andthe Ottoman bureaucracy. Abbott, taking British investors Vittal Edward' capital support, eliminate own Citizen John D. Patersonto take concession of the grindstone in the Western Anatolia. Paterson and partners have to lead to other mining areas because ofAbbott family's overwhelming market dominance of the grindstone.When the British merchants started to work, mining business relevant laws and regulations was not arranged according to thatday's conditions in the Ottoman Empire. 1 / 5 of mine abandoned and left to the public use, but unused land, to the government,the rest of the mine belongs to discoverer, and the new arrangements in favor of foreigners were reasons to the collapse of theOttoman mining. The taxes taken from the mines were considered large income by government. Most of the Turks and non-Muslims in the Ottoman bureaucracy, seen attraction of foreign merchants' wealth, make a special effort to facilitate their works.The members of Ahi Sinan and Şahin Dede Dervish lodge business and in Denizli to constitute the trade ethics in Turkishsociety during the founding and the rise of the Ottoman Empire, affected of foreigners’ interest in mines begin to remove the oreby receiving business licenses for grindstone in the Tavas town at the beginning of the 20th century. It reflects us exemplaryunhappy events to happen to the members of dervish convent, satisfied with what they get, aiming to obtain moral development,working own professional at daytime and jollifying and chatting in the evenings while trying to compete with professional foreignminers.This study is done by resolving Ottoman archive documents of the prime minister's Office. The aim of this study is to bringup foreigners occupied our homeland not coming for the sake of vain ambition, to attract attention how Anatolian entrepreneur,made a name by processing cotton, called Anatolian tiger, contribute to the national economy by producing Denizli's neglectedunderground sources

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