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Desdoblamiento y transformación de la identidad del personaje en / Mygale / de Thierry Jonquet

Author(s): Carmen Camero Pérez

Journal: Çédille : Revista de Estudios Franceses
ISSN 1699-4949

Volume: Monografías 2;
Issue: 2011;
Start page: 231;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: character | metamorphosis | Pygmalion | transsexuality | identity | writing.

From the studies of mythocritique and mythanalyse, this article proposes a study of Mygale, Thierry Jonquet’s story, where the stereotypes of the crime novel pass in the background for the benefit of the treatment of the problem of the metamorphosis, the transsexuality and the processing of the identity. The analysis of the structural constituents of the novel: characters, narrative authorities, speech, writing and mythical transposition (Pygmalion), reveal the interest of a novel strongly anchored in the contemporary reality which does not give up for all that the ancient imagination.

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