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Design Approach of cellular mobile communication system for maximum channel capacity under the effect of co-channel interference

Author(s): Rahul Koshti

Journal: Journal of Current Engineering Research
ISSN 2250-2637

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Key- word :- Co-channel interference | Blocking | probability | Trunking

Abstract :-In cellular concept a large geographical Area is divided in to different Hexagonal shape cells with the Different Frequencies Variety of wireless communication system have been developed to provide access to the communication infrastructure for mobile or fired users. One of many reason for Developing a cellular system and utilizing it in to many cities is the operational limitations of the conventional telephone system. These includes limited servile capability insufficient Frequency spectrum utilization and poor service performance with the limited Allocated Frequency spectrum of around 800 mhz and increasing demand for cellular communication services , The channel Assignment become a difficult task. However The channel reuse , channel Borrowing and channel sharing are the schemes to cope up with these problem but at the same time the channel reuse causes Co -Channel Interference in the cellular system that affects the performance and channel capacity to a great extent In this paper we are simulating the defined system by considering several design parameter such its channel reuse , Blocking probability, Trunking Efficient signal to Noise ratio and Antenna beam width
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