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Design of High Pixel Mobile Phone Camera Lens

Author(s): Xuefeng Peng

Journal: Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
ISSN 2040-7459

Volume: 6;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 1160;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Code V | mobile phone camera | optical design

The compact, slim and high pixel mobile phone camera is highly demanded with the development of mobile phone, especially the thinner and thinner request of people. To satisfy this need, a mobile phone lens system composed of 1 glass spherical lens and 3 plastic aspheric lenses was designed with Code V. The F-number was 2.85 and FOV was 61°, the effective focal length and back focal length are 5 and 0.468 mm, respectively. A 1/3.2 inch 8 mega-pixel CMOS made by APTINA was taken as the image sensor of the lens assembly, whose pixel size is 1.4 μm and the limiting resolution was 357 lp/mm. The design results shown that the M TF value was more than 0.2 within most fields of view at the Nyquist frequency and more than 0.5 at the 1/2 Nyquist frequency, the maximum distortion was 0.66%. It shows that the lens has good performance and meets practical requirements.
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