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储能电池管理系统仿真平台的设计与实现 Design and Implementation of a Battery Management Emulation System

Author(s): 王淼 | 曹军威 | 魏超 | 陆超

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 03;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: 电池管理 | Simulink仿真 | 计算机控制系统 | Ajax技术 | Battery Management | Simulink Emulation | Computer Control System | Ajax Technology

本文提出了将计算机和互联网技术引入传统的基于模拟电路和微控制器的电池管理系统的想法,以此为电池系统带来更高的安全性和更长的寿命,降低电池端硬件的复杂度和成本。本文讨论了电池管理系统的详细设计和实现过程。系统通过MATLAB仿真工具Simulink对由多个电池单元组成的储能系统进行仿真,并通过计算机软件实现对仿真电池系统的监视与控制。在此基础上实现了在具体应用场景中通过Web页面对仿真电池系统进行控制,并通过Web页面以友好的方式展示控制过程中电池参数的变化。最后通过实验对本系统的功能进行了验证,证明了控制逻辑的正确性,并探讨了计算机软件控制周期的选择问题。Utilization of computer and internet technology for battery management systems is proposed in this paper, which is traditionally based on analog circuit and microcontroller. This brings greater security and longer life for the battery system and reduces hardware complexity and cost. This paper discusses design and implementation process of the battery management system which emulates an energy storage system that consists of a number of battery cells us-ing MATLAB Simulink. Monitoring and controlling the emulated battery system is implemented by software. The sys-tem provides web-based user interfaces to control emulated battery and visualizes the change of cell parameters in a friendly way. Experiments are carried out to verify system functions and to explore how to decide computer control period.
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