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交流接触器节能专用芯片的设计与实现 Design and Implementation of an Energy Saver IC for AC Contactor

Author(s): 丁晨 | 韩雁 | 彭成 | 范镇淇 | 郭行干

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: 交流接触器 | 节能 | 专用集成电路芯片 | AC Contactor | Energy Saver | Asic Chip

大中型交流接触器在正常工作时,交流电通过交流接触器的线圈会消耗一定的能耗,同时会产生较大的电磁噪声,还会增大线圈温升,缩短交流接触器的使用寿命。本文在对交流接触器能耗进行分析的基础上,根据交流接触器可用强激磁吸动和弱激磁吸持的特点,改变其电磁系统的交流运行方式为直流运行方式,采用自转换式改变占空比的节能方案,设计开发了一款智能型交流接触器节能专用集成电路芯片ZDLX。此芯片采用0.5 um混合信号CMOS工艺制程。实测结果表明此芯片配合交流接触器使用后可将后者功耗降低90%(仅为原功耗的10%)。交流接触器的使用量大面广,因此该节能专用芯片ZDLX具有重要的社会和经济价值。When medium and large-capacity AC contactors are working, the AC current flowing through the contactor coil is consume some energy. Meanwhile it is producing a great electromagnetic noise, increasing the coil temperature rise and shortening the life of AC contactor. This paper analyzes the power consumption of AC contactor. According to AC contactor’s characteristics of strong magnetic to pull in and weak magnetic to hold, changing the electromagnetic system form AC operation mode to DC, using the technology of changing the duty cycle automatically, we develop and design an intelligent energy saver ASIC chip ZDLX for AC contactor. The chip fabricated in a 0.5 um mixed-signal CMOS process of Shanghua in Wuxi. The test results confirmed that output signals of the chip meet the design requirements, and the power consumption of AC contactor decline almost 90% (10% of the original) with the chip and application circuit. Therefore, ZDLX can greatly reduce the power consumption of AC contactor greatly, and has important economic and social benefit.
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