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电力科技项目信息管理系统设计 The Design of the Power Scientific and Technical Projects Information Management System

Author(s): 农静

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 项目管理 | ASP.NET AJax | 信息系统 | Project Management | ASP.NET Ajax | Information System

随着贵州电网公司科技投入的逐年提高,科技项目数量越来越多,科技管理难度越来越大。本文首先制定了贵州电网公司“十二五”科技发展实施方案以及项目库,以便对“十二五”期间的科技项目进行统筹安排;同时,为了解决贵州电网公司科技项目信息管理过程中数据量庞大、审批流程复杂、项目库数据信息统计困难等问题,对科技项目信息管理系统进行了研究,基于ASP.NET AJax技术,分析了系统的功能需求、系统的构架和流程管理,设计了科技项目信息管理系统的实现方案。 With the raising investment of the scientific and technical researches in Guizhou Power Grid, the amount of the scientific and technical projects is increasing and project management is more and more difficult. For the purpose of managing scientific and technical projects as a whole, the paper establishes the implementation plan and project library for Guizhou Power Grid scientific and technical development in the twelfth five-year period. Meanwhile, in order to solve the problems of huge data, complicated approval procedure and difficult information statistics, an efficient tool must be developed and adopted. In this paper, by the analysis of the function demand, system structure and process management, a scientific and technical project information management system based on ASP.NET AJax is designed.
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