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Design, Production and Evaluation of Electronic Hook forMice Population Controlling

Author(s): M.R Massoudi Nejad | M. Manshouri | M. Khatiby

Journal: Iranian Journal of Health and Environment
ISSN 2008-2029

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 347;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Trap | Mouse | Rat | Electrical shock | Control | Evaluation

"n "n "nBackgrounds and Objectives:since large cities of Iran due to specific population, topographic, cultural and economical conditions have a numerous population per surface unit, , results in everincreasing population and it.s accumulation and have prepared favorable conditions for increasing various mice and rats species in these cities. Efforts, designing, construction and evaluation of electronic traps for mouse and rat controlling is one of the controlling methods which may be studied beside the other methods."nMaterials and Methods:At first the types and species of mice and rats in Tehran city were studied (including length, weight, behavior characteristics etc.). Next, using a system producing attractive fragrance attracts mouse and rat to the trap. Then, using electronic sensors, mouse presence with commandswhich is sent to electrical bobbins evaluates.Later, themiddle section becomes electrically activated. Contacting the trap, the animal will die within 3 to 5 seconds contacting. Mouse corpse will transfer to the beneath section of trap. This section includes a drawer to be emptied daily or weekly. Preventing electric shocks, the power of all the sections will go with drawing out the drawer. Testing efficiency of the device, it was tried first with lab mice thus in each level of experiences the problems were solved."nResults:According to the design, each section of the device including attraction, killing and removing sections were evaluated separately. For instance, in killing section, the amount of voltage and its type also the method of electricity transfer to the animal was evaluated. In addition in attraction section the variety of fragrances were compared and it was found that walnut fragrance gave the best result for all the animal samples attraction. Also, the results showed 300 volts current voltage with 15 Amperes current intensity, has the best killing efficiency in less than a second than other voltages."nConclusion:According to the different evaluations, it was clear there were no good results of killing in 2.5 to 15Amperes direct current intensity. Thus using direct currentmethods in these trap devices were not practical. In addition, using sexual fragrances for attraction males, in several species were tested and results showed that the proteins in these fragrances became decomposed very fast in environmental conditions and the attraction nature of these substances decreased. For this reason it seams according to its easy availability, food fragrances as attraction substances are more practical and useful.

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