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Detection of Selfish Node in Manet using a Collaborative Watchdog.

Author(s): Josephin Jeneba Y | Prabakaran T

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology
ISSN 2277-9655

Volume: 2;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 1182;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Mobile ad hoc networks | degree of selfishness | selfish replica allocation

MOBILE ad hoc networks (MANETs) have attracted a lot of attention due to the popularity of mobile devices and the advances in wireless communication technologies. A MANET is a peer-to-peer multihop mobile wireless network that has neither a fixed infrastructure nor a central server. Each node in a MANET acts as a router, and communicates with each other. The resource and mobility constraints of mobile nodes may lead to network partitioning or performance degradation. Several data replication techniques have been proposed to minimize performance degradation. Most of them assume that all mobile nodes collaborate fully in terms of sharing their memory space. In reality, however, some nodes may selfishly decide only to cooperate partially, or not at all, with other nodes. These selfish nodes could then reduce the overall data accessibility in the network. Due to such problem the overall process of MANET got affected. In this work, first examine the impact of selfish nodes in a mobile ad hoc network from the perspective of replica allocation. This is known as selfish replica allocation.The selfish replica allocation could lead to overall poor data accessibility in a MANET. The proposed selfish node detection method and novel replica allocation techniques to handle the selfish replica allocation appropriately. The proposed strategies are inspired by the real-world observations in economics in terms of credit risk and in human friendship management in terms of choosing one’s friends completely at one’s own discretion,and applied the notion of credit risk from economics to detect selfish nodes. Every node in a MANET calculates credit risk information on other connected nodes individually to measure the degree of selfishness.
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