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Determination of Selenium in Human Blood Serum by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Author(s): F Cuparigova

Journal: Chemical Sciences Journal
ISSN 2150-3494

Volume: 2011;
Start page: CSJ;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Selenium | serum | determination | ETAAS

A method for direct selenium determination in human blood serum by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry(ETAAS) was developed. Total selenium was measured by ETAAS employing 10 g of palladium as matrix modifier in agraphite atomizer with pyrolytically coated tubes and Zeeman background correction. Blood serum was diluted 1+2 with0.1 % v/v nitric acid and 0.1 % Triton X-100. Pyrolysis and atomization temperatures for palladium modifier are 1100 ºC and2500 ºC, respectively. The measurements were confirmed by the analyses of standard reference material and by themethod of standard additions. Reference serum material Seronorm, Trace elements, Serum level 1 (lot JL 4409) wasanalyzed and the results are in agreement with the certified value. The limit of detection of the direct ETAAS based on 3σof the blank signal is 0.60 g L-1 Se in blood serum samples. The precision of the method ranges from 2.06 % to 5.95 %. Theobtained data from the selenium concentrations in serum samples from 83 patients show that the content of selenium isrelatively low, ranging from 43.91 ± 4.80 μg L-1 for female to 45.21 ± 5.60 μg L-1 for male.

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