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Development of 177Lu-EDTMP as a possible therapeutic complex

Author(s): Akbar Anvari | Seyed Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri | Mohammad Ghannadi-Maraghe

Journal: Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine
ISSN 1681-2824

Volume: 18;
Issue: Suppl 1;
Start page: 126;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Bone metastases | Lutetium-177 | EDTMP | Radiopharmaceutical | Biodistribution

177Lu-EDTMP complex is proposed as a proper alternatives to other radiopharmaceuticals as the relatively long half-life (T1/2=6.71 days), maximum energy β- particle Eβ-=498keV (78.6%), low abundance gamma emission 208keV (11%), 111keV (6.4%) and easy production are considered advantageous in the wider use of this product. In this study, 177Lu was produced by thermal neutron bombardment on 176Lu2O3 target in the 5MW Tehran Research Reactor. Radionuclide purity of the 177Lu was ascertained by recording the gamma ray spectra using a gamma spectrometer with an HPGe detector. 177Lu-EDTMP complex was prepared at room temperature. The radiochemical purity of the preparation was determined by thin layer chromatography which showed high purity of more than 98% for the resulted complex. The quality control and biodistribution studies of 177Lu-EDTMP were performed in wild-type rats. The result showed favorable biodistribution features of 177Lu-EDTMP, indicating significant accumulation in bone. Also, it was observe that clearance of the activity from other organs happens after 7 days. This research presents 177Lu-EDTMP as a suitable therapeutic radiopharmaceutical with proper half-life and low dose for bone palliation of skeletal metastases
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