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宁夏电网日前调度计划编制系统的开发与应用 Development and Application of Day-Ahead Generation Scheduling System in Ningxia Provincial Power Grid

Author(s): 邵鹏 | 张慧玲 | 匡洪辉 | 郭少青

Journal: Smart Grid
ISSN 2161-8763

Volume: 03;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 74;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: 日前调度计划 | 安全约束经济调度 | 安全校核 | 优化算法 | 系统开发 | Day-Ahead Generation Scheduling | Security Constrained Economic Dispatch | Security Correction | Optimization Algorithm | System Development

本文所开发的宁夏电网日前调度计划编制系统,对于提高调度计划管理的精益化水平与智能化水平具有重要意义。该系统结合宁夏电网日前调度计划编制工作的业务流程,实现了智能的数据检测、边界参数的灵活配置、电网模型自适应、以及算法流程可感知等重要的功能目标,全面提高了电网调度运行计划编制的最优性、灵活性和高效性。该系统基于宁夏电网EMS的实际电网模型,考虑发输变电设备检修计划的影响,可以自动匹配生成未来态的96点电网模型,能够在日前调度计划决策的同时,对系统的机组开停方案和检修计划进行安全校核,并考虑基态、断面、N-1、故障集等校核要求,实现内嵌式闭环化的安全校核计算。本文将对宁夏电网日前调度计划编制系统的功能框架与计划编制流程进行分析与梳理;在此基础上,重点介绍该系统在约束配置、算法支撑、安全校核等方面的功能特点,并介绍该系统在宁夏电网的应用效果。This paper introduced the development and application of day-ahead generation scheduling (DAGS) system in Ningxia Provincial Power Grid. The system is designed considering the actual work process of generation scheduling in Ningxia Provincial Power Grid, towards the target of efficiency, flexibility and optimality. In the DAGS system, the input-output data would be automatically examined, operation parameters could be set flexibly, a self-adaptive grid model is embedded, and the process of algorithm could be incepted by the operators. The grid model for the planned day would be built based on the EMS module considering the impacts of equipment maintenance, with 96 periods and 15 minutes as interval. The generation scheduling problem would be then transferred into a standard security con-strained economic dispatch (SCED) problem, considering static and N-1 security correction embedded. This paper would introduce the function framework and work process of the DAGS system. And the function module of constraint setting, algorithm configuration and security correction would be described in detail. Finally, application effects of the DAGS system in Ningxia Provincial Power Grid would be introduced.
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