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The Development of Community Crime Preventing Network Model in Northeastern Thailand

Author(s): Cheuchai Po-Klin | Songkoon Chantachon | Somchai Wanlu

Journal: Journal of Social Sciences
ISSN 1549-3652

Volume: 6;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 361;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Neural network | ANN | feature extraction | distance and geometrical tools | digital image recognition and feed forward back propagation algorithm | poison and non-poison fish | Development | network model | community | crime prevention | northeastern region

Problem statement: Crime is the thing deteriorating social security. The objectives of this research were to study: (1) the historical background for preventing crime in northeastern region, (2) current situation and problem of community network for preventing crime in northeastern region and (3) develop the model of community network for preventing crime in northeastern region. Approach: The research area included Mahasarakam, Ubonrachatani and Amnaj-Jaroen Provinces. The population samples providing information were selected by Purposive Sampling, including: 36 experts, 30 key informants, 18 general villagers, total of 83 persons. The instruments using for collecting data, included: (1) the interview form, (2) the observation form, (3) focus group discussion and (4) Workshop. Data were analyzed based on specified goal. The research findings were presented by analytic descriptive. Results: (1) For historical background of crime in northeastern region, prevention and problem solving, were not prominent. It might be because the people had the King as their reverend, leader and protector. They also had the religious holding their mind, traditional frame controlling people in society. Besides, they had simple life and were generous mind, supported with each other. So, the crime didn’t occur; (2) the cause of crime in general, often occurred by various factors including the economic, social and cultural, the lack of education of people as well as the influence of environment as major causes. The type of crime in recent time were changed in more complex forms including increased crime types, from one person to group of the crime organization or international network. As a result, it caused more problems in the region and it’s nearby; (3) the pattern of community network for preventing crime in northeastern region by managing model in which the member and organization in community, agreed to cooperate and connect with each other as community network for preventing crime. It was collaboration from family, community, government officers including the police, prosecutor, court and royal penalty for providing knowledge in preventing crime. The good tradition and culture were applied in the network. Conclusion: In conclusions, the development of community network model for preventing crime was indispensable since it was the support between the public sector and people. The tradition and custom needed to be applied because the crime caused by the lack of virtue and morality.
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