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Dimension of degree of involutive facial skin changes on the basis of morphological criteria and by the «Light Check-up»

Author(s): Tverdokhleb I.V. | Makarchuk O.I.

Journal: Морфологія
ISSN 1997-9665

Volume: 4;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 57;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: human skin | involutive changes | morphological criteria | instrumental criteria

The analysis of accordance between morphological and instrumental criteria of involutive skin changes of cheekarea is carry out in patients of different age groups with improvement of algorithm of quantitative determination of integralindividual skin status. The criteria of involutive skin changes are certain by a quantitative histological and ultrastructuralestimation taking into account their diagnostic meaningfulness. The parallel morphological and instrumental diagnostics(«Light Check-up») in 100 patients is carry out. The degree of involutive changes for 228 patients on the age groups is determined:I – to 32 years; II – 33-40 years; III – 41-50 years; IV – 51-57 years; V – 58 years and elder. Integral parameter ofmorphological criteria substantially correlates with the index of biological age of skin (r = +0,69) and with the level of a skinstress tension (r = +0,83) which are determined by «Light Check-up». The most dominant correlation (r = +0,92) is determinedbetween two integral parameters – morphological and instrumental, that allows to conduct reliable reciprocated extrapolationof histological and instrumental data. The most considerable individual variations of degree of involutive skinchanges in the cheek area are determined in age from 41 to 57 years which are 70,2% contingent of patients of aesthetic facesurgery. In particular, in an age group 41-50 years the I degree of involutive changes are observed at 34,2%, II – at 56,6%, III– at 9,2% women. In an age group 51-57 years the I degree of involutive changes are marked at 10,8%, II – at 54,7%, III – at34,5% patients. It stipulates the necessity of instrument diagnostics of the skin state for the argument of the individualizedsurgical approach.
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