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Author(s): Kataru Sateesh Kumar | H. Devanna | K. Sudhakar

Journal: International Journal of Computer & Electronics Research
ISSN 2320-9348

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 172;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Image Processing | Image reduction | Colour image | Penalty function

It is moreover indispensable to average the values of quite a lot of neighbouring pixels to decrease the image size or apply a filter in image processing. It is expected to average the values in the respective channels when the images are in colour. A large class of averages based on reducing a penalty function is focussed. With a properly chosen class of penalties, the consequential penalty-based functions are monotone and idempotent. Three new colour image reduction algorithms were proposed that are based on minimizing a penalty function that are not built as Cartesian products of the corresponding aggregation functions defined over product lattices. The proposed algorithms with some of the most usually used reduction methods were compared and found that the proposed methods are superior for colour image reduction. Image reduction can be used to speed up computations on an image or just to decrease the cost of its storage or transmission. There exist quite a lot of methods for image reduction. Some of them believe the image to be reduced in a global way or in a renovate domain. Other widely used methods act close by over pieces of the image. There exists a numeral of methods to decide which the best reduction is. Along with the most regularly used methods are by amplifying the reduced image to the dimensions of the original image and computing the error among the reconstructed image and the original image.
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