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Diplomatie und Zeremoniell in Botschafterbildern von Carlevarijs und Canaletto

Author(s): Tipton, Susan

Journal: RIHA Journal
ISSN 2190-3328

Start page: 0008;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Diplomatie | Frühe Neuzeit | Zeremoniell | Akkreditierung | Präzedenz | Botschafterbilder | Botschafter | Prunkgondeln | early modern diplomacy | ambassadors | embassy | Luca Carlevaris | Antonio Canal | Ereignisbild

The article investigates representations of entries and audiences of European ambassadors and envoys within the context of early modern diplomacy. Focussing on works by Carlevarijs, Canaletto and contemporaries, the genre of diplomatic images, defined by their emphasis on ceremonial detail, is followed back into the early 17th century when the practice of diplomatic exchange and the protocol for representatives of state in international affairs were first established. In the light of new archival material, diplomatic imagery is discussed from the customer perspective and analyzed in the context of the interior decoration of the embassy, the audience chamber and reception rooms of ambassadors' homes. A close reading of the images and the confrontation with contemporary sources provides new insight into a somewhat neglected genre of painting with significance not only for the history of art, but also for political iconography, ceremonial history, and early modern diplomacy.
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