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主題地圖與網頁資源保存之探討 Discussion on Web Archives Using Topic Maps

Author(s): Shien-Chiang Yu

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 46;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 55;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Web resources | Long term preservation | Topic maps | Webpage migration

網路資源已成為目前重要的資訊管道,其內容豐富多元,可提供一般民眾資訊檢索及學術界研究參考所需。然而網站成長的快,消失的也快,今日所看到的網站內容,很可能隨時因伺服器關閉、網站改版等因素而無法再次被利用。網頁資源可以是記錄人類社會某一段時間的數位化資訊,包括當時的視覺設計藝術、風格,及包含在其網頁內的各類資源,十分具有文化保存的價值。由於數位資訊保存的脆弱特性,在網頁資源的保存上必須透過實驗發展策略性的典藏與管理方式,因應不同版本HTML描述的網頁,必須考慮瀏覽器的支援及長久保存的問題,包括標準化、符合未來應用的長久格式、資料萃取與重組等因素。基於這些需求,本研究主要目的在於探討網站資源長期保存的解決方案,因此採用標準化的方式,依據資料結構的角度分析網站資源的組成模式與特性。在研究設計主要是採用轉置方法,將網頁資源原始資訊依據主題地圖語法重新組織網頁結構,以提供網頁內涵描述與整體資訊內容的有效管理與應用。Web resources have already become the present important information channel, its pluralism abundant content to offer people for information retrieval and academia to study the needs of consulting. But web resources not only grow up quickly, but also disappear fast. Web resources will probably be unable to be utilized again because of factors such as server shutdown, revision, etc. at any time. Web resources are among the most import human societal information, including visual design art, style, and included various kinds of resources in these web pages. Due to the fragile characteristics of digital information, this study aims to address strategic, methodological and practical issues in archiving and managing digital preservation. Because the webpage may be described with the HTML edition and version, the support of the browser and long-term preservation must be considered, including standardization, format, data utilization, mining and restructured employment in the future. Based on these requirements, the main purpose of this study is analysis in probing the solution for long-term preservation of web resources; adopting the standardizedmethod; and analyzing composition components and characteristics of web resources according to the perspective of the data structure. This study adopted the migration method to reorganize the structure but keep primitive information of web resources according to the Topic Maps metadata, in order to offer web resources integrity, management and application effectively with the whole information content.
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