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Diseño e implementación de IPv6 en un sistema embebido

Author(s): Danilo Alfonso López Sarmiento | Herney Arturo Garzón Romero

Journal: Tecnura
ISSN 0123-921X

Volume: 17;
Issue: 37;
Start page: 167;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: neighbor discovery | ethernet | IPv6 | MAC | stack | embedded system

This paper presents a procedure for the implementation of new-generation protocols in an embedded system. The aim is to show that such an implementation can be connected to the Internet via IPv6. This, for its part, reveals some necessary aspects for supporting the procedure and for actual implementation of a web server (as proof of successful operation). A microcontroller that allows the use of Ethernet (FreescaleColdfire V1) was selected to facilitate handling FreeRTOS and the uIP protocol stack. We found it necessary to write an additional algorithm for the management of the link layer. Since there is no established standard or methodology for these developments in different microcontrollers, characterization must be achieved depending on the particular hardware being used, including certain files that ensure the performance of each of the layers regarding the protocol stack in question.

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