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DNA Demethylating Activity of Hydralazine in Cancer Cell Lines

Author(s): E de la Cruz-Hernandez

Journal: Life Sciences and Medicine Research
ISSN 1948-7886

Volume: 2011;
Start page: LSMR-30;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: DNA demethylation | hydralazine | cancer cell lines

Hydralazine is a non-nucleoside analog that inhibits DNA methylation and reactivates the expression of tumor suppressor genes. The objective of this study was to determine whether the hydralazine┬┤s demethylating effects depend on either inhibition of DNA methyltransferase or by downregulating the expression of DNA methyltransferases. The in vitro and in vivo effects of hydralazine upon DNA methyltransferase activity were investigated as well as its effect upon ERK-regulated DNA methyltransferase expression in Jurkat and cancer cell lines. Hydralazine inhibits the activity of methyltrasferase in vitro and in vivo. Hydralazine decreased the gene expression of DNMT1 in Jurkat cells but not in other cancer cell lines. The results of this study demonstrate that hydralazine inhibits DNA methyltransferase activity and has little or no activity in the downregulation of DNA methyltransferases.
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