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Drought Analysis in Yazd Province Based on 5 Drought Indices

Author(s): E. Shayegh | S. Soltani

Journal: Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources
ISSN 1028-7655

Volume: 16;
Issue: 57;
Start page: 231;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Drought | Drough Indexes | PNPI | DPI | RAI | BMDI | SPI | Percentage of drought situations | Yazd

In this research, 5 percent of normal Precipitation Index (PNPI),Deciles of Precipitation(DPI),Rainfall Anomaly Index (RAI), Bahlme & Mooley Drought Index (BMDI) and standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) were used in order to investigate drought in Yazd synoptic station and 31 non synoptic stations all around this province. For this purpose, the present statistical errors were reconstructed via correlation between the stations, after raining data collection from the considered stations. Then, calculation of PNPI, DPI, RAI, BMDI and SPI indexes were calculated on monthly and annual scales. Situation of drought was determined based on the obtained values from calculation of each index according to tables related to the considered indexes in different classes of drought during the statistical period. Then indexes were compared to each other, considering drought given situation for each station. The difference and similarity of each index with other 4 indexes were calculated and investigated. Also after determination of drought situation in each station, given percentage of drought different situations via each Index was determined on annual scales, in 33 study stations. After passing the above mentioned stages, it was found that there was the highest percentage value of similarity between the two indexes RAI & DPI, as both indexes indicated similar situation of hard drought in the stations. These two indexes are considered most efficient to investigate aerology drought. But considering that static indexes are faced with problem on monthly scales and in stations located in drought regions, it is recommended to use‌ SPI & BMDI dynamic indexes whose similarity percentages are acceptable.

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