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Dynamic Crystallization: An Influence on Degree of Prior Deformation and Mechanical Strength of 6063 Aluminum Alloy

Author(s): Gbenebor, O.P | Aasa S.A

Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Technology
ISSN 2049-3444

Volume: 2;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 1508;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Prior deformation | forging | dies casting | energy absorbed | vibration and static processes.

This research is aimed at investigating the influence dynamic solidification of melts on degree of mechanical deformation and mechanical strength of 6063 aluminum alloy. Cylindrical samples of 14mm diameter and 140mm long were die cast following two techniques – vibration and static. Prior deformation via forging was imposed on each solidified sample to achieve 7%, 14%, 21% and 28% thickness reductions respectively for each casting technique. Average deformation load, average hammer velocities and the average energy absorbed were recorded. Tensile properties of each sample were studied via the use of Monsanto tensometer. Mechanical agitation of mould and its content increased the machinability of the alloy even at higer pre deformation. This was justified by the failure of the 28% reduction sample cast on static floor during machining to a tensile piece. The energy absorbed during deformation influences the tensile strength of the material. This increases with increase in percentage deformation except for 28% reduction whose magnitude was lower than that subjected to 21% reduction; vibrated samples possessed superior properties. From results obtained, vibrating a sample and subjecting to 21% pre-deformation possessed the best tensile strength.

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