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Author(s): Hee Young Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Journal: Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials
ISSN 1229-7607

Volume: 13;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;

Last year, Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials (pISSN: 1229-7607, eISSN: 2092-7592), the journalpublished by the Korean Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers, has been chosen by both Scopus and EICompendex to be included in their databases. Scopus, which is established by Elsevier B.V., is the largest abstractand citation database of research literature and quality web sources covering nearly 18,000 titles from more than5,000 publishers. Compendex, also run by Elsevier, is one of the most comprehensive engineering literature databasesavailable to engineers, with 12 million records across 190 engineering disciplines.What this means is that TEEM has been acknowledged by a world leading publishing company as a valuablesource of high quality scientific articles in the field of electrical and electronic materials. The papers published inTEEM are now exposed to the wide variety of international scientific communities as soon as they are accepted infinal format even before they appear in printed form.For the last three years, we have worked hard to improve TEEM quite to the level comparable with world classscientific journals, utilizing the generous financial support received from the Korean Federation of Science andTechnology Societies (KOFST). Editorial board was reorganized to include many leading international scholars.Prof. Hulya Kirkici of Auburn University, U.S.A. is now serving TEEM as a co-editor-in-chief. She is a well-knownexpert in dielectric insulation and high voltage engineering, and recently served IEEE Dielectrics and ElectricalInsulation Society as a president. Prof. George Kiriakidis of the University of Crete, Greece, an associate editor forTEEM, is an eminent scholar in the field of transparent conductive materials and devices. Besides, there are 17additional international scholars outside of Korea who are members of the editorial board for TEEM.Our goal is to provide an active open forum for global scientific communities in the field of electrical and electronicmaterials through fast on-time publication of valuable research outcomes. Since its birth in year 2000, wehave been struggling harder to keep our promise.In order to reinforce and integrate all our efforts more effectively, we have founded an international conferenceon advanced electromaterials, better known as ICAE last year, which turned out a huge success by bringingtogether more than 900 scientists from 19 countries. After the conference, the number of manuscripts submittedto TEEM increased rapidly, so that the editorial committee decided to increase the number of articles in each issuestarting from this year. It is however worth mentioning that we will not compromise the quality of the articlespublished in our journal.Together all these efforts and valuable contributions from its readers, I bet TEEM ( find its place among top-rated journals in the near future. We always welcome your support and commentsto make TEEM even better than the current form. Thank you.

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