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教育網站評鑑:學習輔助性與功能完備性之差異研究 Educational Website Evaluation:Learning Facilitating Effect versus Functionality Comprehensiveness Perspectives

Author(s): Fu-Yun Yu | Meng-Da Shieh | In-Gann Chen | Ya-Ling Lian

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 44;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 393;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Educational website | Functionality comprehensiveness | Learning facilitating effect | Website evaluation

本研究焦點為了解教育網站評鑑點不同對評鑑結果的影響。採問卷調查法,以參與第五屆台灣高中生高溫超導磁浮創意競賽決賽147位參賽者為對象,了解使用者對網站訊息與「功能完備性」及「學習輔助性」不同評鑑角度的差異看法,以檢驗一般教育網站評鑑多以功能完備性為評估點的得當性。資料以t考驗配合龐費洛尼法分析,結果發現:以高溫超導特定主題與內容為網站評鑑標的時,在功能完備性與學習輔助性上未有顯著不同的評鑑結果,然在針對網站整體性評估,尤其多媒體向度上,在功能完備性與學習輔助性不同評鑑角度則有顯著差異的評鑑結果。使用者對多媒體功能評估上,較易反映個人非教育類之媒體使用經驗,而對教育網站之動畫、影片、聲音等功能完備性有顯著低於學習輔助性評價的現象。文末提出教育網站評鑑之實務與未來研究建議。The main focus of this paper is to examine any significant differences between participants’ evaluative ratings towards the website in terms of its facilitating effects for learning versus its functionality comprehensiveness. A survey research method was used in the study. 147 high school students who successfully passed to the second phase of the Fifth Annual High Temperature Superconductor Tournament participated in the study. Data analysis yielded that statistically significant differences were found only on areas related to multimedia features. Specifically, the obtained results indicated that students may use their past website surfing experiences as a point of reference and tended to hold a higher expectation toward the embedded multimedia features. As such, their evaluative ratings towards the facilitating effects of multimedia, including the animation, film, and audio, tended to be significantly higher than those of its functionality comprehensiveness. Suggestions for website evaluation and future studies are offered.
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