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Effect of aminoguanidine and albendazole on inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) activity in <i>T. spiralis</i>-infected mice muscles

Author(s): Jan Żeromski | Krystyna Boczoń | Elżbieta Wandurska-Nowak | Iwona Mozer-Lisewska

Journal: Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica
ISSN 0239-8508

Volume: 43;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 157;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Aminoguanidine | Albendazole | iNOS | Trichnellosis | Muscle

The aim of this study was to provide evidence for the expression of iNOS in the cells of inflammatory infiltrates around larvae in skeletal muscles of T. spiralis infected mice. The BALB/c mice (n=8) divided into subgroups, received either aminoguanidine (AMG) - a specific iNOS inhibitor or albendazole (ALB) - an antiparasitic drug of choice in trichinellosis treatment. Control animals (n=2 in each subgroup) were either uninfected and treated or uninfected and untreated. Frozen sections of hind leg muscles from mice sacrificed at various time intervals after infection were cut and subjected to immunohistochemistry, using monoclonal anti-iNOS antibody. The ALB-treated mice revealed stronger iNOS staining in the infiltrating cells around larvae than the infected and untreated animals. On the contrary, in the AMG-treated animals, the infiltrating cells did not show any specific iNOS reaction. These data confirm the specificity of iNOS staining in the cellular infiltrates around T. spiralis larvae and shed some light on the role of nitric oxide during ALB treatment in experimental trichinellosis.
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