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Effect of antimalarial drugs on the bioavailability of the methylenediphosphonic acid labeled with technetium99m (99mTc-MDP) in Wistar Rats

Author(s): Holanda Cecília Maria de Carvalho Xavier | Leite Rodrigo de Carvalho Holanda | Nunes Reginauro Alves da Silva | Oliveira Harina Alves de | Catanho Maria Teresa Jansen de Almeida | Souza Grace Mary Lima de | Bernardo-Filho Mário

Journal: Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
ISSN 1516-8913

Volume: 49;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 207;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Keywords: Drug interaction | radiopharmaceuticals | 99mTc-MDP | antimalarial drugs | mefloquine | artemisinin

The aim of this work was to study the effect of antimalarial drugs on the bioavailability of 99mTc-MDP in rats. Mefloquine (MQ) and artemisinin (AM) were administered in two treated groups (T) and sorbitol in control group (C) for 7 days. Then, 99mTc-MDP was injected in all groups and %ATI was calculated. A significant increase of %ATI in MQ group, from C to T, occurred in spleen (0.35?0.10to0.58?0.13), liver (1.69?0.28to3.31?0.07) and blood (0.79?0.17to2.09?0.53). The %ATI increased significantly in AM group:femur (2.76?0.59to5.98?0.70), liver (1.69?0.28to4.59?0.68), lungs (0.29?0.05to6.22?0.86), spleen (0.35?0.10 to0.86?0.15) and blood (0.79?0.17 to4.65 ?0.74). A significant decrease of %ATI occurred in MQ group:bladder (0.75?0.07to0.26?0.05), stout bowel (2.13?0.34to0.66?0.19), pancreas (0.87?0.24to0.28?0.18), kidneys (7.00?1.52to3.46?0.62), brain (0.27?0.08to 0.05?0.01) and also in AM group:bladder (0.75?0.07to0.30?0.05), stout bowel (2.13?0.34to0.36?0.08), muscle (2.04?0.39to0.26?0.06), pancreas (0.87?0.24to0.46?0.12) and kidneys (7.00?1.52to4.35?0.28). These results could be associated to biological effects of antimalarial drugs.

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