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Effect of the Application of Produced Water on the Growth, the Concentration of Minerals and Toxic Compounds in Tomato under Greenhouse

Author(s): José Fernando Martel-Valles | Adalberto Benavides-Mendoza | Luis Alonso Valdez-Aguilar | Antonio Juárez-Maldonado | Norma Angélica Ruiz-Torres

Journal: Journal of Environmental Protection
ISSN 2152-2197

Volume: 04;
Issue: 07;
Start page: 138;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Congenital Water | Salt Content | THP | NOM-143-SEMARNAT-2003

During the production of petroleum and gas a by-product, known as congenital water, is obtained, which varies in composition depending on the geological formation from which it is extracted. In the industrial process its composition is modified and then it is known as “produced water”. These waters can contain high concentrations of mineral salts that can potentially be used for crop fertilization. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the application of produced water on the mineral contents of the plants and levels of BTEX and TPH in the fruits of greenhouse tomato cultivation. The produced waters used were derived from gas producing zone of Sabinas-Piedras Negras in northern Mexico. These waters were analyzed according to NOM-143-SEMARNAT-2003. Waters from three different stations, (Buena Suerte, Forasteros and Monclova 1), were mixed with fresh water to obtain the treatment waters used. As a control, we used a complete Steiner solution. The results showed that the produced waters modified the absorption of essential minerals in tomato plants; it was observed that the mineral concentration in plant tissues was highest in the control plants, except for Na, in which the plants irrigated with produced water had the highest concentrations. The treatments with produced waters also affected negatively the root length, leaf dry weight, stem dry weight, number of fruits per plant, and the dry weight of the fruits.  
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