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Effect of Cavity Dimensions on TE<sub>01δ</sub> Mode Resonance in Split-Post Dielectric Resonator Techniques

Author(s): Fang Chen | Sheng Mao | Xiaohui Wang | Elena Semouchkina | Michael Lanagan

Journal: Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications
ISSN 1942-0730

Volume: 04;
Issue: 09;
Start page: 358;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Split Post-Dielectric Resonator | TE01δ Mode | Cavity Dimensions

The effects of cavity dimensions on the resonance frequency and resonance strength of the TE01δmode in split postdielectric resonator (SPDR) technique are investigated by using full-wave simulations. The results of simulations provide guidance for adjusting the dimensional parameters of the set-up to ensure that a strong TE01δ resonance mode is excited. The scaled designs of SPDR fixtures for operation at frequencies that are most important for applications are presented. These designs employ two sets of dielectric resonators (DRs) that can be fabricated from the standard ceramic materials. In addition, it is demonstrated that the resonance frequency of the TE01δ mode in the fixture can be tuned by adjusting the gap of the split DR.
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