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Effect of the diet and genotype on body measurements and non-constituints of carcass of wooless lambs finished in a feedlot Efeito de dieta e genótipo sobre medidas morfométricas e não constituintes da carcaça de cordeiros deslanados terminados em confinamento

Author(s): José Teodorico de Araújo Filho | Roberto Germano Costa | Angelina Bossi Fraga | Wandrick Haus de Sousa | Severino Gonzaga Neto | Ana Sancha Malveira Batista | Maria das Graças Gomes Cunha

Journal: Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produção Animal
ISSN 1519-9940

Volume: 8;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2007;
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the body and carcass measurements, and non-constituents of carcass of wooless lambs, fed diets with two energetic levels. Eighteen lambs from genotype Morada Nova, Santa Inês and crossbred Dorper x Santa Inês were used. Diets with low and high energy content were composed of 2.5 Mcal EM/kg and 2.94 Mcal EM/kg MS, respectively. Body measurements used in the study were: withers height, height croup, body length, leg length, toracic perimeter, leg circunference, scrotal circunference, body score, body capability 1 (CC1) and body capability 2 (CC2). Non-constituents of carcass studied here were head weight, liver, heart, spleen, vesicle, blood, kidney, hooves, skin and lung + trachea. Moreover, traits of carcass were studied: carcass length, leg length, thigh perimeter, croup perimeter, thorax depth, toracic perimeter and chester width. Data were analized by model which included the effects of diets and genotype, beyond of the weigth as covariable. Diets affected (P
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