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The Effect of Different Cereal Aphid Species on the Performance of Two Coccinellid Predators

Author(s): J.G. Nyaanga | A.W. Kamau | R.S. Pathak | R.K. Tuey

Journal: Journal of Entomology
ISSN 1812-5670

Volume: 9;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 41;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Chelomenes lunata | Biocontrol | prey suitability | Adonia variegata | biology

Coccinellid beetles have been studied worldwide for integration with biological aphid control systems but their performance on different cereal aphid prey has not been investigated. A study was conducted to evaluate the relative suitability of five cereal aphid prey species; Rhopalosiphum padi, Metopolophium dirhodum, Sitobion avenae, Schizaphis graminum and Diuraphis noxia on two coccinellid predators; Adonia variegata and Cheilomenes lunata. The five aphid species were separately fed to first instar larvae and newly emerged adult coccinellids in the laboratory. Development and reproduction parameters were quantified. The duration of the immature stages of C. lunata was significantly shorter (F = 1408.34; df = 5, 25; MSE = 0.3; p
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