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Effect of Fly Ash and Water in Hydrated Srpc-A Ftir Study

Author(s): K. Thiruppathi | S. Barathan | N. Anandhan | G. Sivakumar

Journal: Applied Physics Research
ISSN 1916-9639

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2009;
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The present investigation, deals with the study of both hydrated Sulfate Resisting Portland Cement (SRPC) and fly ash(fly ash 20%, 30% and 50%) composite with two different waters. Among the three percentages of fly ash addition, 30%addition is found to be optimum. The samples (SRPC and 30% fly ash) were analyzed using the Fourier TransformInfrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) spectra. The relationship between compressive strength and molecular vibration changeswere discussed using FTIR spectra. Also, the setting time is identified with the FTIR spectra and proper explanation withavailable literature for the kinetics is presented. It is inferred that increasing the fly ash concentration reduce the settingtime. This is due to the calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) present in the fly ash. Result of this study indicates that the blendedpaste better perform than the control paste hydrated with distilled water and effluent water.
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