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Effect of Individual Selection System of Parental Pure Lines on Productive Traits of Six Hybrids of Silkworm

Author(s): Hossein Hojatpour | Abolghasem Lavvaf | Alireza Seidavi | Ehsan Hajian | Tarlan Farahvash

Journal: Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
ISSN 1680-5593

Volume: 11;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 1246;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Silkworm | generation individual selection | parental pure line | crossing | performance

In order to study effect of individual selection system of parental pure lines (31, 32, 103, 104, 107 and 110) on productive traits of six hybrids (31x32, 32x31, 103x104, 104x103, 107x110 and 110x107) of resulted offspring from faraway crossing during fourth generation, these six parental pure lines of Iran silkworm were recorded individually and forty males and forty females through cocoon weight in each of these six parental pure lines selected. Then, for each of these six lines along with selection group, a control group includes of average same as society as base society was considered. Lines based on conditions over reproductive line system of lines, Iran silkworm grand and mother in continues three generations as pure lines were maintained and trained and intra hybrids during each generation without any re-selection was carried out. Then, in fourth generation with breeding between parental lines, six types of larvae egg commercial hybrid, each one in two types of selective and random were produced. These twelve hybrids each one in the form of four repetitions, ere trained and their performance (selective and random hybrid) were recorded and compared. Finally, the results of individual selection system of parental pure lines on performance of theses offspring hybrids were analysed. For doing this, data was recorded by Excel software and the data mean based on completely random program by use of t-student test by SAS software were analysed and calculated. Then, performance (data mean) of obtained hybrids resulted from crossing parental pure lines by Duncan test were compared. Obtained results of mean comparison of each trait (performance) between (selective and control group) resulted hybrids of simple six parental pure lines studied showed that individual selection among each of these parental pure lines, a total (whole of these six lines) of four traits of eleven traits studied in this study have meaningful effect (statistically). For cocoon weight that resulted to 10000 larvae in 104x103 hybrid and 103x104 hybrid, a meaningful difference was observed. For traits of double cocoon number and double cocoon percentage in 103x104 hybrid, no meaningful difference was observed. For cocoon number produced in 104x103, meaningful difference was observed. Results showed that except in three hybrids 32x31, 107x110 and 110x107 in other produced and studied hybrids in this study, meaningful difference for some trait (total of four traits) were obtained.
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