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The effect of melatonin on bovine in vitro embryo development

Author(s): M. P. Tsantarliotou | L. Attanasio | A. De Rosa | L. Boccia | G. Pellerano | B. Gasparrini

Journal: Italian Journal of Animal Science
ISSN 1594-4077

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1s;
Start page: 488;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Melatonin | Oocyte competence | Embryo development | Bovine.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of melatonin supplementation during in vitro maturation on fertilization and embryo development in cattle. Bovine cumulus-oocyte-complexes (COC), recovered from abattoir ovaries, were matured in vitro in the absence (control) and in the presence of 10 μM, 100 μM and 1 mM of melatonin. Matured oocytes were fertilized in vitro with frozen-thawed sperm and cultured up to the blastocyst stage. The results of this work demonstrated that melatonin enrichment of the in vitro maturation (IVM) medium does not affect both cleavage (71.0, 72.8, 72.5 and 72.7 % in the control group and in the groups supplemented with 10 μM, 100 μM and 1 mM of melatonin respectively) and blastocyst rates (41.3, 33.8, 39.4 and 38.3 % respectively) in cattle.

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