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The effect of mesoporous carbon modification by nitrogen on its enrichment efficiency of chromate ion: Comparison between N-doped mesoporous carbon and amino grafted mesoporous carbon

Author(s): Moradi S.E. | Baniamerian M.J.

Journal: Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly
ISSN 1451-9372

Volume: 17;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 505;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: chromate | N-doped mesoporous carbon | adsorption | amino modification

In the present work, well ordered, N-doped mesoporous carbon (MCN) sorbent with uniform mesoporous wall, high surface area and pore volume has been fabricated using the simple polymerization reaction between ethylene diamine and carbon tetrachloride in mesoporous silica media. The structural order and textural properties of nanostructured materials were studied by XRD, elemental analysis, and nitrogen Adsorption-desorption experiment. Adsorption of Chromate over various porous adsorbents such as mesoporous carbon (MC), N-doped mesoporous carbon (MCN), and amino modified mesoporous carbon (AMC) was studied from solutions with different concentration, temperature and pH in polar (water) solvent. The adsorption isotherms of Chromate were in agreement with Langmuir model, moreover, the uptake capacity of Chromate over MCN was much higher than amino modified mesoporous carbon (AMC) and pristine mesoporous carbon adsorbent.
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