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The effect of a nutritional teaching booklet concerning breakfast on the knowledge of fourth grade girlsat Tehran's sixth educational and teaching district

Author(s): Angoorani P. | Keshavarz A. | Sadrzadeh H. | Rahimi. A.

Journal: Tehran University Medical Journal
ISSN 1683-1764

Volume: 65;
Issue: Sup 2;
Start page: 49;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Teaching | booklet and knowledge

Background: Nutrition as an important factor in health can be effective in educational success of students. Malnourished students have less concentration and attention. Lack of breakfast consumption for a long period has negative effect in behavior and health. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of a nutritional teaching booklet about breakfast on the knowledge of fourth grade girls at Tehran's 6th educational and teaching district.Methods: This interventional study performed on 100 fourth grade girls from 10 schools in Tehran city, randomly divided into two groups; case who received booklet and control group. Subject: At first a pretest of knowledge was done for all the students (case and control). The case group was given the booklet to read by themselves. No teaching provided for the control group. A knowledge posttest was performed two weeks later. Two types of questionnaires (general and knowledge) were used to collect data. The following methods were used: chi-square test for comparing case and control groups from the aspect of independent variables, pair t- test for comparing the knowledge scores between case and control groups and one-way ANOVA for assessment of independent variables effect on the mean difference of knowledge in samples.Results: The mean score of knowledge in the case group against the control increased 2.22 (p
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