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Effect of Planting Date on Yield Components and Seed and Oil Yields of Sunflower

Author(s): M.R. Khajehpour | F. Seyedi

Journal: Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources
ISSN 1028-7655

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 117;
Date: 2000;
Original page

Keywords: Planting date | Sunflower | Yield components | Seed yield | Oil yield.

Obtaining high seed and oil yields of sunflower requires coincidence of vegetative and reproductive stages of growth of the plant with suitable environmental conditions via selecting appropriate planting date. Since the suitable date of planting for sunflower cultivars under Isfahan environmental conditions was not determined, this experiment was conducted in 1996 at the Agricultural Research Station, Isfahan University of Technology. In this study, five dates of planting (April 27, May 12 and 27 and June 12 and 29) and three open pollinated sunflower cultivars (Record, Vnimik 8931 and Armavirec) were evaluated using a randomized complete block design with split-plot layout in three replications. Date of planting was considered as the main plot and cultivars were randomized in the sub-plots. Number of seeds per head (SH), l000-seed weight (SW), seed oil percent (SOP) and, consequently, yields of oil (OY) and seed (SY) were significantly reduced as planting was delayed. Reduction in these traits were considered to be related to the coincidence of vegetative and reproductive growth stages with higher temperatures prevailing at later plantings. Vnimik 8931 had higher SH and SW, and thus produced higher SY. This cultivar had lower SOP than Record, but produced higher OY than Record due to its higher SY. Armavirec was ranked the least for the measured traits, except for its SH that was slightly higher than that of Record. SH was the most contributing trait to the increase in SY, and SY was the most determining trait for the increase in OY. Date of planting by cultivar interactions for SH, SY and OY were significant. Nevertheless, the highest amount of the measured traits were obtained with Vnimik 8931 at the first planting date.

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