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Effect of stimulus intensity on latent inhibition: A case for generalization decrement

Journal: Psicológica
ISSN 0211-2159

Volume: 23;
Issue: 002;
Date: 2002;
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Effect of stimulus intensity on latent inhibition: a case of generalization decrement. Two experiments assessed the effect of stimulus intensity on latent inhibition, using the paradigm of taste aversion learning in rats. Experiment 1 tested the effect of exposure to a sweet taste with different concentrations on the acquisition rate of subsequent conditioning. Latent inhibition was stronger after exposure to the taste with the same concentration to that used during conditioning (group EI) than after its exposure with higher (group EM) or lower (group Em) concentration. Furthermore, attenuation of latent inhibition was less in group EM than in group Em. Experiment 2 showed that generalization of conditioned aversion properties to the taste was bigger between taste concentrations used in group EM than those used in group Em. These results suggest that the apparent effect of stimulus intensity on latent inhibition may be explained in terms of generalization decrement.
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