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Effectiveness of ethanolic extract of Otostegia Persica against Plasmodium Berghei in comparison with chloriquine in white mice using in vivo tests

Author(s): M Nateghpour | A Miahipour | Gh.H Edirssian | E Sori | A Motevalli

Journal: Journal of School of Public Health and Institute of Public Health Research
ISSN 1735-7586

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 57;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Plasmodium berghei | Otostegia Persica | Treatment | Cholooquin | Sourian mice

Background and Aim:Due to importance of employing native and traditional medicinal plants with good efficacy against malaria parasite, an ethanolic extract of Otostegia persica, was tested on Plasmodium berghei in sourian mice and a comparison was made with the effect of chloroquine on the same parasites."nMaterials and Methods:In this Study 80 Sourian mice were divided in-to 8 groups , each consists ten animals. The first 7 groups were infected with P.berghei and the last group was used as control. The first seven groups were given chloroquine, Otostegia persica . at four different concentration (20,100 ,300,450mg /kg) and placebo.respectively and the seventh group did not receive any treatment. The evaluation was done by Rane test.In each group the level of parasitemia was determined on day 4 & 7 , and compard with values from day (just before treatment) in order to record the decline parasitemia in treated groups. Result were anylased using SPSS software and T-test."nResults:The result indicated that 450 mg/kg concentration Otostegia persica significantly decreased P.berghei parasitaemia in the infected mice (P

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