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Effects of young-coconut juice on increasing mandibular cancellous bone in orchidectomized rats: Preliminary novel findings

Author(s): Pranee Suwanpal | Nisaudah Radenahmad | Muhammadbakhoree Yusuh | Mutita Eksomtramate | Praphansri Ruangsri | Anachak Chantanasuksilpa

Journal: Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology
ISSN 0125-3395

Volume: 33;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 617;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: young coconut juice | Cocos nucifera | osteoporosis | bone | mandible

Androgens play a very important role in building the skeleton in young adults and help to prevent bone loss andosteoporosis in aging men. In addition, in hypogonadism or elderly men, bone mass has been related to estrogen levels ratherthan to testosterone. Estrogen replacement therapy has therefore been proposed to prevent bone loss in males as well as infemales. Estrogen, however, has been considered to be one of the hormonal risk factors for benign prostatic hyperplasia andprostate cancer and also has other side effects. Young coconut juice (YCJ) presumably containing phytoestrogen was investigatedin the present study for its possible beneficial effects on delaying osteoporosis using a male rat model, and by this totest the possibility that it might be able to replace estrogen replacement therapy without side effects. In this study, mandibularcancellous bone was used as the osteoporotic model. Using the same model, we have previously found that total cartilagethickness particularly the hypertrophic zone of mandibular condylar cartilage was thicker in the sham-operated rats receivingYCJ orally fed for a 14 day period, compared with sham, orchidectomized animal, orchidectomized rats receiving estradiolbenzoate, and orchidectomized rats receiving YCJ. The present study confirmed our former study that mandibular cancellousbone in the sham-operated rats and in the orchidectomized rats receiving YCJ orally fed for a 14–day period were thicker thanthose of the sham and orchidectomized rat groups. This study results are novel and they indicate that YCJ may have beneficialeffects in the treatment of osteoporosis in andropause men.
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