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Efficacy of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation versus conventional chemotherapy on anaplastic large-cell lymphoma:a retrospective study of 64 patients from a single center

Author(s): Xiao-Hui He | Bo Li | Shuang-Mei Zou | Mei Dong | Sheng-Yu Zhou | Jian-Liang Yang | Li-Yan Xue | Sheng Yang | Peng Liu | Yan Qin | Chang-Gong Zhang | Xiao-Hong Han | Yuan-Kai Shi

Journal: Chinese Journal of Cancer
ISSN 1000-467X

Volume: 31;
Issue: 11;
Start page: 532;
Date: 2013;
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Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL) is characterized by frequently presenting adverse factors at diagnosis. Many groups believed aggressive treatment strategies such as autologous stem cell transplantation brought survival benefit for ALCL patients. However, few compared these approaches with conventional chemotherapy to validate their superiority. Here, we report a study comparing the efficacy of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT) and conventional chemotherapy on ALCL. A total of 64 patients with primary systemic ALCL were studied retrospectively. The median follow-up period was 51 months (range, 1-167 months). For 48 patients undergoing conventional chemotherapy only, the 4-year event-free survival (EFS) and overall survival (OS) rates were 70.7% and 88.3%, respectively. Altogether, 16 patients underwent PBSCT, including 11 at first remission (CR1/PR1), 3 at second remission, and 2 with disease progression during first-line chemotherapy. The 4-year EFS and OS rates for patients underwent PBSCT at first remission were 81.8% and 90.9%, respectively. Compared with conventional chemotherapy, PBSCT did not show superiority either in EFS (P = 0.240) or in OS (P = 0.580) when applied at first remission. Univariate analysis showed that patients with B symptoms (P = 0.001), stage III/IV disease (P = 0.008), bulky disease (P = 0.075), negative anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) expression (P = 0.059), and age

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