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Efficiency Compare of Both Sonochemical and Photosonochemical Technologies for Cyanide Removal fromAqueous Solutions

Author(s): R Shokuhi | A.H Mahvi | Z Bonyadi

Journal: Iranian Journal of Health and Environment
ISSN 2008-2029

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 177;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Cyanide | Advanced oxidation prosses | Photosonochemistry | Sonochemistry

"n "nBackgrounds and Objectives: Cyanide is a species of high toxicity that found mostly in industrial effluents such as electroplating, metal mining, metallurgy and metal cleaning processes. Intrance of it to Existence enviroment contains very health hazardous. Purpose of this study, efficiency compare of both sonochemical and photosonochemical technologies for cyanide removal from aqueous solutions."nMaterials and Methods: in this study, it has been used from a productive set of 500w power ultresound waves in of two frequencies 35 kHz and 130 kHz and a 125 W low pressure mercury lamp. Experiments were performed at initial cyanide concentrations varying from 2.5 to 75 mg/L. in this study, The effects of parameters such as pH, time and initial cyanide concentration on the sonochemical and photosonic degradation have been studied."nResults:The results of the study showed that the maximom removal efficiency of cyanide had been achieved sonochemical technology was 71% while it was 74% by photosonic at frequency of 130 kHz, at time of 90 min, pH of 11 and initial cyanide concentration of 2.5 mg/l."nConclusion: The results of the study showed that efficiency of photosonic process is more than for sonochemical cyanide removal fromaqueous solutions.Also efficiency of cyanide removal has direct relationship with pH, frequeny and time ,and it has reverse relationship with cyanide concentration for both processes.
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