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Efficient Plane Detection in Multilevel Surface Maps

Author(s): Víctor Prieto-Marañón | Jorge Cabrera-Gámez | Antonio Carlos Domínguez-Brito | Daniel Hernández-Sosa | José Isern-González | Enrique Fernández-Perdomo

Journal: Journal of Physical Agents
ISSN 1888-0258

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 3D Maps | plane detection | multilevel surface maps | laser scanner | SLAM6D

An automatic system aimed at producing a compacttridimensional description of indoor environments using a mobile3D laser scanner is described in this paper. The resultingdescription is made up of a Multi-Level Map (ML map) and aseries of plane patches extracted from the MLSM. We propose anovel plane detection algorithm, based on the efficient RANSACalgorithm, that operates directly over the data structures of aML map and does not need to rely on the low level laser datacloud. The mobile 3D scanner is built from a Hokuyo laser rangesensor attached to a 2DOF pan-tilt, which is installed on topof a 3DX Pioneer mobile robot. The 3D spatial informationacquired by the laser sensor from different poses is used tobuild a large single map of the environment using the SLAM6D library. Experimental results demonstrate that the describedsystem is capable of efficiently building compact and accurate 3Drepresentations of complex large indoor environments at multiplesemantic levels.
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