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El Orientador en el Contexto Comunitario Modelos de Negocio en las Empresas de Biotecnología: Análisis Comparativo entre España y los Países Líderes Modelos de Negocio en las Empresas de Biotecnología: Análisis Comparativo entre España y los Países Líderes

Author(s): Lizabeth Josefina Pachano Rivera | Mireya Vázquez

Journal: Journal of Technology Management & Innovation
ISSN 0718-2724

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 36;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: El Orientador | Contexto Comunitario

The new political principles of the Venezuelan educational system, which are intended to promote the community work toward an entrepreneurship education, place an emphasis on family-school-community integration, citizenship participation, empowerment of the local identity, and the promotion of the endogenous development. An ethnographic research was conducted in La Quebrada rural setting, Urdaneta County, Trujillo state, Venezuela, to analyze the educational counselor’s functions in order to apply these policies. Among the study’s foundings, the following are highlighted: The importance of community work to promote the endogenous development, the recognition of the investigator and the social promoter roles that have to be developed by the educational counselors into the communitarian context, and the encouragement of agriculture, tourism and ecotourism, as potentials for the community development. Keywords: entrepreneurship education, communitarian work, endogenous development, educational counselor, communitarian projects.En el emergente sector de la biotecnología en España, los modelos de negocio todavía no están definidos. No obstante, en un país considerado un referente para el sector como es Canadá, despuntan ya con cierta claridad dos modelos dominantes. Nuestro trabajo empírico corroborará las significativas diferencias que separan el tejido empresarial biotecnológico español de su homónimo canadiense, en la gran mayoría de variables que definen los modelos de negocio más implantados. Nuestro trabajo concluye que el sector biotecnológico español avanza por un camino distinto y divergente del marcado en Canadá, uno de los países que se sitúan a la vanguardia en esta industria.Biotechnology is still an emergent industry in Spain with no business models well defined yet. However, in Canada, a leading country for this industry, three models can be already depicted, two of them clearly dominant. Our empirical fieldwork, based on practically the whole population of Dedicated Biotechnological Firms in Spain, is intended to figure out the significant disparities encountered in the Spanish biotechnology firms in comparison to their Canadian counterparts, in most of the indicators and variables shaping the business models. Our study concludes the Spanish biotechnological industry overwhelmingly compiles services-based companies with low to medium innovative levels. This profile diverges from the most commonly displayed by this industry in Canada.
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