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El Sistema secretor interno del Cuerpo primario en Espeletiinae (Asteraceae)

Author(s): Luque, Rebeca

Journal: Plantula
ISSN 1316-1547

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 129;
Date: 2005;
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Keywords: Espeletiinae | Asteraceae | Secretory system | Primary structure | Anatomy.

The secretory system in roots, stems and leaves with primary structure of some representatives of the Espeletiinae subtribe (Carramboa littlei, C. tachirensis, Coespeletia alba, C. lutescens, C. moritziana, C. spicata, C. timotensis, Espeletia batata, E. schultzii, E. semiglobulata, Espeletiopsis pannosa, Libanothamnus humberti, L. nerifolius, Ruilopezia atropurpurea, R. marscescens) was carried out. It found that all the studied species have in the later organs secretory cavities instead chanels. These ones in the roots was found primarily associated with the endodermis, while in the stems are present in the medulla and in the cortex, in the cortex can be associated, or not, to the endodermis; in the leaves the cavities are principly associated to the endodermis, that is around the vascular bundle; in all the cases the cavities can be anastomosed both as longidudinally or radially. With this it can be deduced that the cavities associated with the endodermis forms a system through all the primary system of the plant, from the roots to the leaves.
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